Screens and Setup

  • Cost Rates Advisor's intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to setup and update your budgeted hourly cost rates.
  • Several dashboards provide easy access to screens, reports, history, and financial information.
  • The main dashboard shows your progress, completed tasks, and what needs to be done.
Manage multiple companies or locations
Create What-If Scenarios

  • Manage budgeted hourly cost rates for multiple companies, divisions, or locations from one dashboard.
  • Create what-if scenarios for new equipment, expansions, acquisitions, shift changes, or other reasons.
  • Make copies of companies to see how future cost changes will affect your rates.
  • Allow other business units in your organization to maintain their own rates.
  • Password protect individual companies so other people in your organization cannot make changes.
Multi-Company Screen
Equipment and services setup
  • Cost Centers can be manually entered or imported, making setup and updates quick and easy.
  • Cost rates can be calculated for any equipment or services including prepress, design, proofing, sheetfed presses, web presses, copiers, production printers, large format, inkjet, screen, flexographic, extrusion, inspection stations, rewinders, cutters, folders, stitchers, binders, collators, folder gluers, die cutters, letterpress, mounting, laminating, drilling, shrink-wrapping, handwork, fulfillment, warehousing, hand assembly, kitting, packing, delivery, and more.
  • Equipment break-even hourly cost rates are calculated based on the budgeted chargeable production hours you expect to sell.
  • Building leases, real-estate taxes, & other occupancy expenses can be distributed based on the area occupied by each cost center.
Cost Centers Screen
Expenses setup
  • Direct and indirect company overhead, manufacturing, supplies, repairs, and other expenses are simple to enter and maintain as your business changes.
  • Expenses can be entered or imported from your accounting spreadsheets or import templates, making setup and updates quick and easy.
  • You have the flexibility to allocate expenses to overhead, departments, cost centers, and other methods.
Expenses Screen
Employees setup
  • Recovering employee wages, benefits, and costs has never been so easy.
  • Employee hours and expenses can be entered or imported from payroll information, ADP, Paychex, or spreadsheets.
  • Employees that work in multiple departments or machines can have their hours and expenses split between overhead, departments, cost centers, or any combination.
Employees Screen
Import your data and save time
  • The Data Import Wizard will save you hours of manual entry by importing your spreadsheets, income statements, budgets, payroll, fixed assets, and other data directly into Cost Rates Advisor.
  • Use our pre-formatted import templates or your own spreadsheets using field matching functionality.
  • Import data from software products such as QuickBooks, EFI Pace, Enterprise 32, Avanti, Printsmith, Monarch, Radius, Franklin, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Accounting, and other products.
  • Data Import Wizard
  • Data Import Wizard Mapping
Navigation Tree
  • See how your departments, cost centers, employees, expenses, & other data has been allocated.
  • Click on any item to quickly edit
    your information on the fly.
Navigation Tree
Quick Start Guide
  • The Quick Start Guide provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions so you can quickly set up your cost rates.
  • A comprehensive and easy on-line help manual contains over 200 topics that can be easily searched using keywords.
  • Example Quick Start Guide
  • Example Search
Easy to keep your rates up-to-date
  • Effortlessly update your rates so you’re always recovering costs.
  • Update anytime to reflect changes in equipment, personnel, expenses, or sales.
  • Takes less than 1 minute to add a new piece of equipment or employee.
  • New rates are instantly calculated when you update or change information.
Easy to Keep Up-To-Date
Keep a history of your rate changes
  • You can record a history of your budgeted hourly cost rates changes and updates.
  • Takes a snap shot of all cost allocations, productivity, and cost rates.
  • See how your rates have changed over time and why.
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