Reports & Financial Ratios

Reports Dashboard
  • Over 20 reports help you reconcile and manage your cost rates.
  • Reports are interactive so you can drill-down directly to the source data for quick changes
Reports Dashboard
Summary Cost Rates Report
  • A summary report provides a quick overview of your equipment cost rates.
  • Shows the total direct, indirect, and overhead costs allocated to each cost center.
Summary BHR Report
Detail Cost Rates Report
  • The Detail Budget Hourly Cost Rates Report shows exactly what costs make up your rates.
  • Shows all the fixed and variable factory costs, employee costs, department costs, and overhead costs allocated to each cost center.
  • Hyperlinks that drill down directly to the source data allow you to make quick changes, on the fly.
Sales & Administration Cost Allocation Report
  • The Sales & Administration Cost Allocation Report shows the overhead costs allocated to each cost center based on your entries and the calculation algorithms.
Sales & Administration Cost Allocation Report
Productivity Hours Analysis Report
  • The Productivity Hours Analysis Report shows the maximum available hours, the budgeted productions hours, and the labor hours you have allocated to each cost center.
  • This provides a good check to ensure the allocated employee hours are consistent with the budgeted hours.
Productivity Hours Analysis Report
Employee Detail Report
  • The Employee Detail Report shows how the employee's labor hours and expenses are allocated to each cost center.
Employee Detail Report
Financial Analysis & Ratios
  • Create financial analysis reports of your expenses, payroll, cost per employee, and other statistics.
  • Benchmark your financials to other companies using the PIA Financial Ratio Studies.
    * The PIA Financial Ratio Studies are available through the Printing Industries of America.
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