Referral Partner Program


Cost Rates Advisor Referral Partner Program


Earn earn up to 25% commissions on recurring sale!
Generate more revenue with new consulting opportunities!


If you offer consulting solutions or other services to the printing and packaging industry — like accounting, finance, business development, continuous improvement, MIS, sales & marketing, or other value added services — we want to partner with you.


The Cost Rates Advisor Referral Partner Program is an exciting opportunity for consultants and service providers to generate revenue through referrals and by selling their own complementary consulting services to customers.


Cost Rates Advisor is the leading budgeted hourly cost rates software for the printing and packaging industry. Customers pay annual or monthly recurring subscriptions to use the software in the cloud. Approved Referral Partners receive generous recurring commissions and discounts on subscriptions.Business Man


As a Cost Rates Advisor Referral Partner, you will have the opportunity to:

  •  Broaden Your Service Offerings
  •  Uncover New Opportunities With Current Customers
  •  Grow Your Customer Base
  •  Build A Recurring Revenue Channel
  •  Earn Recurring Commissions
  •  Increase Your Revenue And Profit Margins

Partner with a brand your client trusts.

Over the years, we’ve built a foundation of trust with our customers, and that’s still our top priority. Partner with Profectus Inc., and your customers know you’re aligned with a brand that’s committed to the success of printing and packaging organizations.


Profectus does all the work of taking orders, handling customer service, and billing the customers. We will provide you with the appropriate tools, marketing, and support to help you maximize sales. Our online Referral Partner Dashboard makes it easy to monitor and manage your customers' accounts and track your commissions.


How much can you earn?

Our program provides Cost Rates Advisor Referral Partners with the opportunity to earn up to 25% commissions on recurring sales. Since Cost Rates Advisor is a recurring subscription, you’ll continue to earn commissions every time your customers make a payment. Your commissions increase as your referred sales grow.


You also have the opportunity to earn additional revenue by providing customers with your own consulting services to help them prepare and maintain their budgeted hourly cost rates.


Example earnings after 3 years
First Year:    
New sales commission (25% of $30,000) $7,500 /year
Earnings from your consulting services    $20,000  
   Total earnings first year  $27,500  
Second Year:    
New sales commission (25% of $30,000) $7,500 /year
Recurring sales commission (25% of $30,000) $7,500 /year
Earnings from your consulting services    $40,000  
   Total earnings second year $55,000  
Third Year:    
New sales commission (25% of $30,000) $7,500 /year
Recurring sales commission (25% of $60,000) $15,000 /year
Earnings from your consulting services    $60,000  
   Total earnings third year $82,500  


Who can join?

We are looking to build strong, collaborative relationships with industry consultants and service providers who are committed to delivering effective solutions and services to their clients. There are no costs or ongoing financial requirements for being a Referral Partner.


How do we know which orders came from you?

We will provide special links to our site that you can use on your web site or email correspondence. The link contains a unique identifier so we know a user came to us via your site and we can credit you when a purchase is made. Your customers can also use a unique promotional code when ordering that identifies you as the referral partner.


How To Apply

To apply to be a referral partner, you must order at least one Cost Rates Advisor product subscription and complete our online application for approval. A Profectus Account Manager will contact you once your application is received. While we are accepting applications from all interested parties, please note that we are not able to accept all applicants.


Becoming a Referral Partner is a simple three step process:

  1.  Complete the online Referral Program Partner Application.
  2.  Once approved, you get your Special Referral Links and Promotional Codes.
  3.  Place an order for a Cost Rates Advisor Premium Edition Subscription.

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