Budgeted Hourly Cost Rates Software for the Printing and Packaging Industry

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$349 $299/year
or $49 per month
$549 $449/year
or $69 per month
$998 $848/year
(Includes up to 5 sets of rates)
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Best for quick printers, small print shops,
   and small in-plant print operations
Best for medium size organizations
   with more than 25 employees
Best for larger organizations that want to
   create multiple sets of rates, create what-if
   scenarios, and need multiple user logins.
Number of sets of rates or what-if scenarios
Create multiple sets of rates for multiple what-if scenarios, multiple companies, multiple divisions, or multiple locations.
1 1 Unlimited
Number of user login accounts
Create individual user login accounts and access roles for multiple users.
1 1 Unlimited
Number of cost centers rates.
Prepare hourly cost rates for cost centers, pieces of production equipment, or services.
15 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of employees
Number of employees.
15 Unlimited Unlimited
Calculates your break-even costs
Calculates the minimum hourly cost rate you must charge for production equipment and services in order to break-even or recover your out-of-pocket costs.
Included Included Included
Manufacturing, labor, & overhead rates
Calculates your manufacturing, labor, overhead, and all-inclusive hourly cost rates.
Included Included Included
Flexible MFG & OH allocation options
You have the flexibility to allocate expenses directly or indirectly to overhead, departments, cost centers, and other methods.
Included Included Included
Calculates rates for any equipment
Calculates cost rates for web & sheetfed presses, large format, digital, flexographic, ink-jet, screen, rewinders, folder gluers, die cutters, foil stamping, hand assembly, mailing, kitting, and more...
Included Included Included
Built-in industry best practice formulas
Engineered by industry experts based on industry best practices and formulas.
Included Included Included
Over 30 comprehensive reports
Over 30 detail and summary reports help you reconcile and manage your cost rates.
Included Included Included
Drill-down from high-level data to details
Click on screen or report data to drill-down directly to the detailed source data for quick access or changes.
Included Included Included
Interactive Navigation Tree Included Included Included
Upgrade as your business grows
You can easily upgrade anytime as your business grows without losing your information.
Included Included Included
Free consulting from industry experts
Speak with a real live industry expert consultant from Profectus for help on setting up your cost rates, a free review of your rates, or whatever you need to successfully implement your rates.
Included Included Included
Detail online help & Quick-Start guide
A comprehensive online guide with easy to understand instructions, industry best practices, examples, and tips for setting up, updating, and implementing your rates.
Included Included Included
Searchable Knowledge Base
A searchable knowledge base of information to help you to find answers about using Cost Rates Advisor and industry best practices.
Included Included Included
No contracts. Cancel anytime.
If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may cancel the plan any time.
Included Included Included
Cloud, Anywhere, Anytime Access Included Included Included
Free online & phone support Included Included Included
PC, MAC, iPad, tablet compatible Included Included Included
Strict account protection & data security
Your information is protected using strict security practices including cryptographic protocols, data encryption, and complex password strength requirements.
Included Included Included
Free updates. No software to install
There's no software to install and you automatically receive the latest enhancements.
Included Included Included
Import all your data
Save hours of manual entry by importing spreadsheets, statements, employees, expenses, assets, budgets, and other information using our Data Import Wizard.
Included Included
Financial Ratios Analysis reports & graphs
Analysis, ratio reports, and graphs of your financial information so you can benchmark your financials to other companies using the PIA Financial Ratio Studies.
Included Included
Keep a history of your rates
You can record a history of your budgeted hourly cost rates changes and updates, and track how your rates have changed over time and why.
Included Included
Create What-If Scenarios
Copy companies or rates. Create what-if scenarios for new equipment, expansions, acquisitionss, accounting periods.
Create multiple sets of rates
Create multiple sets of rates each with different equipment, expenses, employees, assets, and rates. Select how many sets of rates you need when you sign up or add more later.
Multi-Rates or Company Dashboard
Manage all your companies, divisions, or locations from one dashboard.
Markup Strategy Tool
A tool that helps you define the best markup strategy for maximizing your profit margins and revenue.
Multi-User. Create individual user accounts
Create individual user login accounts and access roles for improved collaboration with your coworkers.
Password protect individual companies
Password protect individual companies so other people in your organization cannot make changes.
Application Programming Interface
An Application Programming Interface (API) allows your estimating and costing software to access your rates so you do not have to manually enter them.

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