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New Cloud-based Service helps Print Shops with Pricing Intelligence


ComputersSarasota, Florida. June 4, 2013 – Profectus, Inc., a national consulting firm that helps printing and packaging organizations improve their business, announced the debut of Cost Rates Advisor is online “Cloud” based software that calculates budgeted hourly cost rates for production equipment using industry proven accounting principles, best practices, and standards.


According to Profectus President, Craig Press, Cost Rates Advisor takes the guess work out of estimating and pricing. “Cost Rates Advisor gives shops a more accurate picture of their out-of-pocket manufacturing and overhead costs so they can strategically estimate and price jobs” says Press. “It helps organizations eliminate pricing errors that can lead to lost work and improve estimates to make the shop more competitive. Ultimately, Cost Rates Advisor can be a secret weapon to increasing revenue and greater profits.”


Built-in formulas and intelligence ensures 100% of a company’s expenses are fully recovered in the budgeted hourly cost rates, estimates, and price quotes. The software does not require accounting expertise to operate. It’s easy for anyone to use, no matter how big or small the company.


An innovated design, intuitive user interface, and dashboards make it easy to navigate through the system. All of the screens and reports have drill down hyperlinks directly to source data for easy access and editing. A Data Import Wizard eliminates hours of manual entry by importing income statements, budgets, payroll, and other data from accounting or MIS software.


All financial and personal information is protected on encrypted and secure servers. According to Press, the Cloud-based service provides other advantages. “Because Cost Rates Advisor is in the Cloud, users can easily access and update their rates anytime from anywhere, so their estimates and prices always reflect current costs.”





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